The Ames Management Team

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Justin Popolis – HVAC Project Manager, HVAC Supervisor & Service Manager

Justin, a graduate of YTI, started his career in 1998 as an HVAC service tech and installer and brings extensive experience to Ames. Justin is licensed, certified and qualified to handle any HVAC project that comes his way. He joined Ames in 2006 as a job foreman and service tech and was promoted in 2012 to Project Manager. His responsibilities are many and include, estimating, purchasing and supervising all HVAC projects for Ames. Justin is credited with implementing the Service & Maintenance program for Ames. Justin is proud of his HVAC Team at Ames, he credits them with the many highly rated testimonials from clients, which in turn has rewarded the company with many repeat customers.

Justin’s range of experience includes but is not limited to: retail, religion, office, medical, restaurant, supermarkets and residential.

For professional HVAC service, contact Justin at (717) 629 -1461 or email him directly at