The Ames Leadership Team

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The Ames Construction Leadership Team
Top Row (left to right): Jason Rebman, Jan Baringer, Dwyane Fahnestock, Gerry Breneman Sr., Mark Yoder
Bottom Row (left to right): Duane Weaver, Steven A. Burridge, Daryl Martin
Our innovative Leadership Team works by integrating individuals from our service divisions, management teams along with the principals of Ames Construction, Inc. We do this so that our focus is always on what is most important to us, our clients and the vision they have entrusted to us. Are we making the right decisions to ensure the best outcomes? Are the checks and balances working? Are any changes needed? The Leadership Team is the guiding light of daily operations, and the projection light of the future.
At Ames Construction Inc., having a solid Leadership Team in place is key. Our Leadership Team brings extensive experience to the table, with collaboration comes current ideas to move us forward. With over 40 years’ experience in exceeding our industry’s toughest challenges and seizing its greatest opportunities, we continue to build a solid foundation that drives the success of our clients, employee commitment and unique culture. We encourage a commitment to teamwork, and unparalleled service to you, our clients.

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