Looking for Commercial Construction Careers in Lancaster County?

Here are some current career opportunities:

– HVAC Foreman/Installer

– Project Superintendent

– Project Manager – Estimator

Join the team at Ames Construction, Inc. You will be part of an organization with a history. Started in 1975, Ames Construction, Inc. is a quality oriented company with over 60+ employees in various capacities. Ames Construction, Inc. continues to be a leader in the commercial construction industry today.

The following full time positions offer: Competitive compensation based on individual experience. Excellent benefits including paid vacation, holidays, health insurance, company supplied vehicle and cell phone and 401K EOE

We ask that all employees be self-motivated, able to work with a minimum amount of supervision and possess honesty, integrity and pride in their works.

To apply, please email your resume to office@amesconstructioninc.com or call (717) 733-4141.

HVAC Foreman/Installer


General Superintendent/HVAC Project Manager


Foreman oversees the completion of the HVAC work on the jobsite, and provides direction to HVAC crew on site. This includes installing duct work, roof top units, hoods, and diffusers, service, start-up, small job install.


1. Review and follow blueprints and/or other design specifications to install HVAC systems.
2. Communicate man-power needs with General Superintendent to complete projects on schedule.
3. Produce As-Built drawings & closeout packages for each project.
4. Turn in all parts receipts, packing slips, contracts, and invoices daily.
5. Ensure that safety program and goals are followed on the jobsite.
6. Measure duct work and order tie-in pieces.
7. Ability to stand, walk, climb ladders and stairs, and work off lifts.

To apply, please email your resume to office@amesconstructioninc.com or call (717) 733-4141.

Project Superintendent


Provide overall on-site administration and technical management on construction project site.


1. Take responsibility of and supervise total construction effort to ensure project is constructed in accordance with design, budget and schedule. Includes interfacing with client representatives, other contractors and project coordinator.
2. Plan, coordinate and supervise on-site functions to achieve complete design, on budget and on schedule.
3. Supervise employees and/or other contractors as required by the contract.
4. Provide technical assistance, i.e., interpretation of drawings, recommending construction methods and equipment, etc. as required.
5. Ensure all on-site personnel comply with project procedures, safety program requirements, Company Policy, etc. Document all violations, notify Construction Manager, and recommend corrective actions as required.
6. Approve invoices associated with project on a weekly basis and track project costs throughout each job.
7. To be available on site or in the office one hour before the established starting time of non-management employees.
8. To construct and execute a reasonable detailed project schedule listing project components to completion.
9. Maintain efficient management of multiple projects, if required.
10. Perform additional assignments per supervisor’s direction.


Educational and experience requirements include:
• Minimum job experience of five year.
• Strong communication skills.
• Ability to read blueprints and ability to do math.
• This is a working/management position and requires the capability of performing physical labor and heavy lifting.
• Must possess a valid driver’s license.

To apply, please email your resume to office@amesconstructioninc.com or call (717) 733-4141.

Project Manager/ Estimator


Primary responsibility will be estimating, awarding subcontracts, and purchasing materials In addition occasional oversight of construction projects.


Principal Duties and Responsibilities of the project manager in the area of obtaining work and “Buying Out” projects includes:


1. Prepare accurate estimates for both hard bid and negotiated projects.
2. Communicate with owner and architect throughout bidding process.
3. Read specifications and examine prints.
4. Clarify subcontractor bids.
5. Prepare contracts and other related documents for each project as required.
6. Keep a current list of qualified viable subcontractors/ vendors for each trade.
7. Facilitate the obtaining of required municipal approvals as required.
8. Maintain project file with all important documents and correspondence.
9. Provide Office Manager with estimate breakdowns for costing prior to project commencement.
10. Select and award contracts to subcontractors working on various phases of the project.


1. Work with Job Supervisor and project team in the formation of project schedules.
2. Is responsible for proper administration of construction contracts and for obtaining all necessary permits and licenses.
3. Provides drawings, work scopes, contract information, shop drawings, etc. to field personal on time according to communicated schedules.
4. Visit each project a minimum of once weekly.
5. Prepare monthly invoices on time.
6. Oversee contract billings; approve subcontractor and supplier invoices.
7. Review job costs-to-date and costs-to-complete a minimum once a month.
8. Document and communicate change orders to owners and back charges to subcontractors promptly and in writing.
9. Report to owners and architects about progress and any necessary modifications of plans.
10. Responsible for warranty communication, close out packages, and follow-up on completed contracts.


Manage and coordinate project from start to completion.


1. Assist Job Supervisors by checking on reported difficulties and correcting any safety violations or other reported deficiencies.
2. Take continuing education courses to enhance job performance.


1. 5-10 years or more of experience in various phases of construction estimating and/or construction project management.
2. Ability to work under pressure and coordinate numerous activities and groups of people who need to cooperate to achieve maximum efficiency.
3. Good oral and written communication skills.
4. A degree in construction management or construction science is advantageous, but not necessary.

* Ames Construction, Inc. reserves the right to modify the essential duties of this position description as business demands or dictate.

To apply, please email your resume to office@amesconstructioninc.com or call (717) 733-4141.